Seating Size Chart

Seating list for our different panel sizes. Please note that this is an estimate and will vary based on chair sizes and item type (printer shelves or industrial legs for instance).
As a guide the legs take up about 10cm of chair space from each corner, so a 150x80cm table for instance would leave you with a gap of 130x60cm for chairs to fit within.


A width of 80cm and above is big enough for most chairs to fit onto either end, please note that, with industrial leg items (as opposed to hairpin leg ones), the legs are also positioned at the ends of the item. If you need to fit more people onto a table, stools or benches are very effective.


Max Number of People Length
1-2 100cm 60cm
2-4 125cm 60cm
2-4 150cm 60cm
3-6 175cm 60cm
4-8 200cm 60cm
4-6 125cm 80cm
4-6 150cm 80cm
6-8 175cm 80cm
6-8 200cm 80cm
6-8 175cm 100cm
8-10 200cm 100cm